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21st Assault Division



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The 21st Assault Division was a branch of the Terran Dominion's Dominion Marine Corps.


The 21st Assault Division were called upon to investigate the planet of Taurus IV, on which a team of Dominion scientists had just vanished. To this end, they took in a promising new recruit that had scored in the 90th percentile on the Dominion Future Commander Training Simulation Module.[1] The division moved to the planet, and established a mining base and a force of marines. Upon moving out, they encountered zerglings. The division fought their way through the zerg, discovering the science team all slaughtered.[2]

The zerg on the planet reacted to the presence of the 21st, and amassed their numbers, overwhelming their position. The division's lines were broken, and their commander sent out a distress signal before falling to the zerg. The remainder of the division were infested by the zerg.[3] Their signal was picked up by a nearby Daelaam force however, who arrived on the planet and destroyed both the zerg force there and any remaining infested members of the division.[4]


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