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  • The One-Day War occurs. Overqueen Zagara, Hierarch Artanis and Emperor Valerian Mengsk hold a conference regarding peace talks between the three races, and revitalizing destroyed planets after the wars of the last decade. However, Abathur schemes to start a war and destroy the adostra created by a blend of zerg and xel'naga essence. To do this, he creates a strain known as the chitha, which can control nearby zerg, and forces the Dominion and Daelaam to destroy two of the three adostra sites. However, a Dominion survey team uncovers Abathur's plot, and he and his chitha are defeated before the last of the adostra are destroyed. A new round of peace talks occur, and the Zerg Compliance Ground Force Unit is founded.[2]

Negated TimelineEdit

The next article in this series is 2530.


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