The armored personnel carrier (APC) is an armored terran vehicle used for transporting infantry. It is a fully enclosed, wheeled vehicle that can hold up to a dozen passengers plus a driver. [1]

During the Guild Wars the Confederate Armed Forces equipped their APCs with reactive armor. The Kel-Morian Combine pieced them together from various materials, sometimes the same reactive armor, other times they welded metal plates to their flanks, angling them to deflect bullets. These APCs were frequently armed with double-barreled gauss cannons.[2]

APCs were also used during the Great War[3] and the Second Great War[4][5] The Dominion utilized a variant named the APC-300 during the Second Great War.[4]

Game UnitEdit

APCs appear twice in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, but are never controlled by the player directly.[4][5] In regards to their appearance in The Evacuation, transport trucks were used in older versions of this mission.[6]

A version with a slightly more powerful weapon, the militarized transport, appears in Nova Covert Ops.[7]



MilitarizedColonistTransport SC2 Rend1

"Militarized Colonist Transport"

  • The APC's visual design was inspired by the shuttle from District 9.[8]
  • The "militarized colonist transport" was an unused variant of the APC in the game files. It is camouflaged and mounts a larger turret with twin chemical/napalm sprayers. It was to appear in the Char missions of Heart of the Swarm, where it would use its weaponry to melt the remaining zerg.[9]


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