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"Look at flesh, see only potential. Strands, sequences, twisting, separating, joining. See how it could be better. Eat flesh, splinter bone. Inside me, can touch it. Weave it. Spin it. Make it great."

- Abathur tells Sarah Kerrigan about his work.(src)

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Evolution master

Family and

Overmind (creator)

Real Life
Voice Actor

Steve Blum[1]

Concept by

Samwise Didier[2]

Abathur is a unique zerg creature, created from numerous zerg species. He is the zerg evolution master, serving as the Swarm's DNA library, and resides in the evolution pit.


"Different. Examining genetic strands. Queen of Blades was efficient, ancient zerg qualities. Minor terran influence."

- Abathur 'examines' Kerrigan(src)

Abathur was created by the Overmind as a "brood of one", spun from many species.[3][4]

By the Overmind's instruction he designed the Queen of Blades by wrapping her in a chrysalis, though not without injuring her in the process.[4][note 1]

After the Overmind's death, Abathur became feral and purposeless. He wandered under Char, eating whatever tried to attack him.[5] He was too strong for Zagara to take control of him, and said that until recovered by Kerrigan, he was a purposeless "beast".[3][4]

After the Queen of Blades was de-infested, she found him again and he helped her by evolving her brood. While Kerrigan was out on missions, Abathur experimented on zerg and searched for worlds where he could derive strains from existing breeds. When readied, he showed these to Kerrigan through demonstrations, and evolved the appropriate strain chosen by her.[6]

Game EffectEdit

"I will show you the future of the Swarm."

- Abathur(src)

AbathurKerrigan SC2 Game1
Discussing evolution
HawkiAdded by Hawki

In Heart of the Swarm, Abathur performs a role similar to what Rory Swann and Egon Stetmann did in Wings of Liberty, upgrading and evolving zerg strains for better use in game. However, it is different from the terran system, which required a certain amount of credits collected after completed missions; instead, Abathur demands essence, acquired from completing secondary objectives in-game, to perform upgrades and evolutions.[5] In the release, evolving and upgrading zerg was at no cost, although some missions would involve Abathur requiring essence for unit upgrades or extra levels.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Abathur is well mannered and is constantly connecting DNA, experimenting on strains and studying the Swarm's enemies.[7] He does this by eating (parts of) creatures and gaining access to their genetic code.[8]

Abathur accepts that true perfection is impossible for the zerg to achieve. However, it makes sense on the tactical level for him for the zerg to continue chasing perfection regardless.[9] He also believes it is "purpose" which makes the zerg what they are. He states that without an overriding will, they are no more than beasts, much like he was after the death of the Overmind. To this end, he is grateful that the Swarm has a purpose, even if it is to fulfill Kerrigan's vendetta.[4]

Abathur is unimpressed with terran essence and DNA.[9] Similarly, he holds the primal zerg in low regard, noting that though some displayed favorable traits, they were sloppy and inefficient. He thought even less of them when he discovered they quickly replicated some strains from the Swarm, prompting him to implore Kerrigan to wipe them all out. An amused Kerrigan noted that Abathur sounded upset, indicating he may hold some level of pride or possessiveness towards his "work."[4][10] Also despite his view on terrans, he is fascinated by Alexei Stukov with modifications at levels Abathur himself is unable to achieve and considers Stukov second to Kerrigan.[4][11]

Abathur seems to be obsessed with efficiency. His goal is not to make the zerg perfect, since perfection is impossible, instead, he tries to make them as efficient as possible.[4]

Outside of that, he points out to Kerrigan that killing a creature before consuming its biomass, while it would be less painful for the creature, is inefficient, since the creature's death is imminent.[4][12]

Abathur has an odd speech pattern, often leaving out conjoining words and ignoring pronouns. It is possible that this is another showcase of his obsession with efficiency, as he only says what needs to be said to get his message across unambiguously; any more words would be a waste of time and energy.


Abathur SC2 Cncpt1
Abathur concept
HawkiAdded by Hawki

The concept of Abathur was pitched by Samwise Didier. He wanted something "spidery and spindly," with an "evil and diabolic" nature. His concept image involved Abathur using webs and the like to view the genetic structure of a creature that it was working on.[2]

At a panel at BlizzCon 2011, it is said that Abathur has his own storyline with much going on with the character. By interacting with him across the campaign, a subplot is said to be revealed that has its own climax.[13]

In an earlier version of Heart of the Swarm Kerrigan would let Abathur unknowingly spin the strands and sequences of his own replacement. This successor would kill Abathur and take his place, fulfilling the subplot and Kerrigan's revenge against the original Abathur.[14]

In a preview, Abathur was hinted at having ulterior motives.[15] However, this did not make an appearance in-game.

Abathur appears in Heroes of the Storm.[16]


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Reference NotesEdit

  1. Kerrigan has this conversation with Abathur right before the Zergling Evolution mission.
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