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Abyssal Caverns
ShiftedSky SC2 Map1



Lunar (Monlyth)

Extra Features

The Abyssal Caverns are a landform on Monlyth.

Game MapEdit

The caverns serve as a multiplayer map in StarCraft II. It was released in season 3.[1]

By season 4, it was a non-tournament map.[2]

It will be removed from the ladder in season 5.[3]

There are numerous starting locations of varying types, and strategy depends on which type of location a player starts in. There are also an unusually large number of attack paths.[1]

The distance is very close in match ups other than being diagonal from each other. Thus, scouting and rushing are a lot easier than on most maps. Multiple destructible rocks are found, so zerg could have a problem with it.


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