"Dammit I swear to all that is holy if we make it out if this I’ll dismantle you myself."

- Helek Branamoor on Adjutant 33-27 V3.1974(src)

Adjutant 33-27 V3.1974 is an adjutant that's part of Project Blackstone.[1] She is responsible for the project's daily base operations.[2] Dr. Helek Branamoor considers her an out-of-date model. The adjutant did not appear to understand humor, insults or sarcasm. Its sensors were calibrated for human movement rather than zerg, the project being more worried about traitors than a potential attack.[2]

Shortly after setting up the laboratory, the maintenance personnel were killed by a zergling. The adjutant requested an additional creature, and also additional personnel to replace those killed. The adjutant recorded the information and gave it to Dr. Branamoor and Major Lee Treicher after they arrived at the lab. The adjutant told the next batch of maintenance personnel as they arrived that if they went to the wrong areas they would be executed. Major Treicher protested, but Dr. Branamoor said it was fine.[2]

After contact with Korhal was lost and supplies stopped coming to the facility, the adjutant was set to initiate emergency procedures to help ration what supplies were left and secure the saftey of the scientists in the facility.[1]

After Warren Held released a number of zerglings against the scientists of Blackstone, the adjutant tracked their progress through the facility, aiding the scientists in their fight against them. The adjutant reported on the deaths of each zergling.[2]


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