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Advertising artificial intelligence (AAI) are a mass-produced[1] form of terran-designed artificial intelligence.[2] In service by 2478,[1] they are a fairly common sight on the streets of well established planets such as Tarsonis. As their name suggests their primary function is to advertise goods and services. They can be privately employed by shop owners, set up in public areas for general advertisement[2] and mounted in roving robots, moving from one potential buyer to another.[3] These robots can be remotely controlled by an external AI.[4]

AAIs are capable of a degree of interaction with humans, although seemingly with pre-programmed protocols. Their method of advertising can be either set (if in a stationary position),[2] or if mobile, the goods/services they advertise will change based on the nature of the individual they approach. AAIs can also be used by nonprofit organizations, asking for donations.[3]


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