The following section contains information from StarCraft: Insurrection.

Aedus/Xerxes was a protoss archon.



Aedus and Xerxes were high templar who held a deep love for each other. Xerxes and Demioch were friends who fought together early in the Great War against the zerg. Aedus and Xerxes merged into a powerful archon early in the war. However, Xerxes "died" when he became part of the archon, and his love for Aedus twisted into bitterness. The combined being fell deeper into self-loathing, existing only to hate and hoping to fall in honorable combat.[1]

It bore no malice towards Demioch or his daughter, Edullon,[2] but it did toward the Conclave.[3]


Aedus/Xerxes joined the 7th Fleet of Tassadar's Koprulu Expeditionary Force, despite not being an original member, as no one was willing to keep it out of the group.[3] Arriving at the Brontes system, Aedus/Xerxes was dispatched to the surface by Judicator Syndrea, along with Demioch and his daughter Edullon, their mission being to eradicate the zerg that had invaded the planet.

Unlike his fellow commanders, Aedus/Xerxes always followed the orders of Syndrea, even when it didn't enjoy them (for instance, destroying the Incubus Brood harvesting operation in the Valley of the Shadow). His actions caused significant damage to the Incubus Brood and drove them into a frenzy, causing them to slaughter many innocent terrans in their rampage. Edullon objected to these heavy handed tactics but was branded as a traitor by Syndrea as a result.[4]

Aedus/Xerxes was given command of Syndrea's vanguard and attacked Edullon and Demioch's forces, along with the terrans that had allied with them. However, despite the element of surprise, the vanguard was defeated, with Edullon killing Aedus/Xerxes in a hand-to-hand duel.[1]


Aedus/Xerxes is listed as thirteen years old in the Insurrection manual,[3] yet Demioch said Aedus/Xerxes was formed as a result of the recent zerg attacks.


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