Akam was a protoss zealot. He possessed a pair of scars on his forehead, present above his right eye.


Akam SC-FL2 Head1


In 2502,[1] Akam was dispatched to the Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility alongside fellow zealots Golarath and Ruom. This task involved the delivery of a sample of creep for the Furinax scientists present. However, his superiors deemed that it was prudent that the trio remain on guard in the facility, Ruom and Golarath to have access to the sample at all times. Mistakes had occurred before and the protoss' superiors did not wish for them to be repeated. However, an accident did still occur, specifically the creep sample "erupting" when Golarath and Ruom went to extract a tissue sample. As it grew, Golarath began disfiguring himself, eventually falling to his own psi-blades, while Ruom fell into catatonia, his mind unreadable. Akam demanded an explanation, but the head scientist Forthum explained that the event was unexpected and that no-one was at fault. All they could do was move Ruom to an isolation unit, a task in which Akam helped, ignoring the scientists' growing hysteria.

In a sense, their hysteria was prophetical, a stream of energy pouring through PAX and destroying the stargate that linked it to the rest of protoss civilization. Akam was sure of sabotage and noticing that the scientist Wa'Rak was missing, rushed to his quarters. However, like Golarath, he had committed suicide. However, Akam was more interested in finding the saboteur. Ruom, now "infested", attacked him from behind with his psi blades, instantly decapitating Akam.[2]


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