The Akilae Tribe represent the strongest fighting force in Khalai society Their tribal color is green.[1]


The Akilae were entrusted with the Uraj crystal by the xel'naga, a khaydarin crystal that was twin to the Khalis crystal of the Sargas Tribe. As the tribes diverged, it grew different from its twin.[2]

The Akilae dominated the other tribes for hundreds of years during the Aeon of Strife but submitted completely to the Khala. With the coming of the zerg the Akilae began to question the genocidal orders of their Judicator superiors to eradicate rather than assist the terrans, but their warrior honor and loyalty bound them to the dictates of the Conclave.[1]

By 2503 the Akilae Tribe was led by Hierarch Artanis, who represented it in the Hierarchy.[3]


The name Akilae is possibly derived from the Latin word Aquila, which means "eagle". The emblem of the Akilae tribe resembles a bird in flight. The Romans used the "aquila" as a military symbol; a flag bearing the aquila would be held by a Legion's best soldier. Aquila is also the name of a constellation.

The tribe's symbol is the default decal for the protoss race in multiplayer.[4]


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