Albee was a resocialized marine who served in both the Confederate Marine Corps and the Dominion Marine Corps. He described as peaceful and calm, and would often talk about how good of a childhood he had. In reality, he had been resocialized for the brutal murders he committed on Pridewater. He died in the Battle of Asteria to a horde of zerglings.


According to his false memories, Albee was born in the countryside of the planet of Halcyon on the prime continent. He would often be followed by a litter of puppies who he would play with in the green fields of the planet. He wanted to make sure every terran in the Terran Dominion had the chance to experience the life he had.

In reality, Albee was a murderer from the capital city of the planet Pridewater. He was part of a string of murders that lasted ten years, and he would take solace in the screams of his victims, keeping them alive for days. This earned Albee the title "The Butcher of Pridewater." He was captured, and resocialized on Norris IV.

He served in the Confederate Marine Corps, and then in the Dominion Marine Corps, surviving four years of conflict. He was considered to be lucky, as he would come out of brutal and long engagements unscathed and covered in zerg ichor. He was later assigned to Rho Squadron, who respected the man and refused to tell him that his memories were fake.

During leave taken on Bacchus Moon in the Cat House Bar, some men from Alpha Squadron attempted to tell Albee his memories were faked. Albee punched the men, and started a barroom brawl. Later on Nephor II, a woman saw him and cried that the Butcher of Pridewater had returned. She was carried away by authorities, but this inspired Virgil Caine to look into his past, discovering his murderous history.

During the Battle of Asteria, Albee lead from the front as Rho Squadron moved into the Long Shadow canyons in an attempt to clear out the last zerg hive on the planet. He moved with siege tank and goliath support, but was ambushed by a burrowed pack of zerglings. He was killed, and nothing was left of him but a patch of blood on the creep.[1]


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