"No more long bombs. No more keg stands and pretty coeds. No more TDs. What a goddamn waste"

- Rin Shearon after seeing Moss's body(src)

Alden Moss was a terran. He was wealthy, had good eyes and enjoyed gliding.


Moss's father taught him how to glide, and he did so all over the Koprulu sector. They reguarly visited Choss during its summer months. Going through university, Moss became a football star and word was that the Asteroids and Tigers were involved in a bidding war over him.[1]

In early 2505,[2] Moss had two drafts on his mind—the football draft, and the conscription draft enforced by the Dominion, as per the current conflict. On Choss, he went gliding through through the moon's canyons. On what would be his last trip however, he was attacked by a group of mutalisks, which killed him.[1]


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