Investigator Alisa Verdon (callsign Overton) was a Terran Dominion intelligence agent.

Her cover was of a Central Accounts and Processing Department clerk named Overton. Some time after the End War, she was sent a message by Head Filing Supervisor Dyestin, the cover for Detective Mena Eston. This message reminded the clerk that he needed to file his office's routine expenses report, as well as a warning that his filing mistakes lead to a 0.237% reduction in the efficiency of the artificial intelligence matrix of their central office. He stated he would like to see Overton's office all put in more overtime hours the next week following the message. When parts of this message were offset by 22, it revealed the order "SCOUT LOCATION."[1]

Verdon and a group of other agents were assigned to gather intelligence on a Defenders of Man installation, but stopped responding. Radio Liberty listeners managed to access the Defenders of Man's database, and uncovered that she had been killed in active duty,[2] and that it was likely Agent Nova Terra who killed her.[3]


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