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BlizzardEnt Blizzard Entertainment (1999–)


Lead artist (formerly)
Lead 3D artist (formerly)
Assistant art director

Allen Dilling is a member of Blizzard Entertainment.


Dilling joined Blizzard in 1999.[1] He worked on Warcraft III before starting work on StarCraft II, in which he was involved from the beginning of development. He also worked on StarCraft: Ghost.[2] He also worked on World of Warcraft.[1]

Dilling was the lead artist for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. In regards to designing the zerg, he has drawn inspiration from many sources, ranging from science fiction to undersea biology.[3]

Dilling was the lead 3D artist for Legacy of the Void. He also worked on the game's story,[4] and lead the game's art team.[5] He is currently the game's assistant art director. He has also worked on Heroes of the Storm.[1]


The protoss are his inclined race within the setting. The void ray is his favorite unit in regards to art design.[6]


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