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December 17, 2499, Mar Sara






TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy

Confederate Marine Corps
417th Confederate Marine Platoon

TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Marine private

Alley was a terran marine private in the Confederate Marine Corps, namely the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. With the rest of the platoon, he was present on Mar Sara in its last days.

Alley noticeably always said the word "Lordy" when in a panic.


Circa December, 2499, Alley, along with the rest of his platoon, was dispatched to the planet of Mar Sara, serving under the command of Lieutenant L.Z. Breanne. Their mission was to retrieve to retrieve a piece of Confederate equipment, along with dealing with the zerg that had invaded the planet (the prospect of which Alley seemingly relished). To this end, the platoon was sent to Bunker Complex 3847, later descending down to the town of Oasis. Alley was assigned to Second Squad, encompassing Sergeant Jon Littlefield, PFC Fetu Koura-Abi, PFC Ardo Melnikov, Private Bernelli, Private Ekart Private Xiang and himself.

The zerg were soon alerted to their presence, pouring out from a concealed pit. Alley kept up suppressive fire while Xiang and Ekart fragged it while Bernelli set a charge. The group succeeded but was forced to fall back, Alley fighting alongside Koura-Abi. He died shortly afterward.


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