Amy Windom was a vulture pilot in the Confederate Marine Corps, serving as a private in the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. She saw action on Mar Sara in its last days.

Windom was a capable pilot but had trouble keeping cohesion with her unit.


In late 2499, Windom found herself on Mar Sara, dispatched with First Squad ahead of the platoon to Oasis Station as part of their mission to recover a piece of Confederate equipment. The mission turned into a fierce firefight with the zerg, with Windom and her fellow pilots providing support to the rest of the platoon. By the time the platoon had recovered its objective and began its retreat to Bunker Complex 3847, only Windom and William Peaches were left of First Squad.

Ordered by Lieutenant Breanne, she and Peaches created a corridor through the zerg to create a gap for the remnants of the platoon to escape though in the end and while the platoon was generally successful in running through the gauntlet, Windom did not join them at the complex. There is a chance that she survived and escaped the planet, though it is likely that she was killed in the nuclear strike that destroyed Oasis, by the zerg or in the protoss planetary bombardment.


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