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Andie Dessai
AndieDessai SC-GA2 Head1

March, 2501, Shi








TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion

Ghost Program
Ghost Academy
Team Red (2501)
Team Purple (2501)

Ghost trainee

Andie Dessai was a ghost trainee at the Ghost Academy. He believed in conspiracy theories.[1]

As a member of Team Red, he took part in a training mission against their rival Team Blue. During the mission, he and Winlaleah Martine pinned down Team Blue member Nova Terra with weapons fire. They were ambushed by Delta Emblock and Kath Toom but defeated their opponents.

However, he hadn't counted on another Team Blue member, Lio Travski, a technopath with a history of failing in missions. Travski used his power on abandoned SCVs to capture the entirety of Team Red. Afterward he was told the two teams would be combined for a mission away from the Ghost Academy.[2]

Teams Red and Blue were shortly afterward combined into Team Purple. The team was dispatched on a training mission but it turned real. Dessai was killed by a zerg. As the rest of the team was subject to a memory wipe, his death was unremarked; it was assumed he had washed out.[1]


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