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"Pretty in a lifeless, arid sort of way."

- Michael Liberty's take on the planet.(src)

Antiga Prime
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Fringe Worlds


Koprulu sector


Antiga System


At least two

Dominant terrain



TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (?–Late December 2499)
SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Sons of Korhal (Late December 2499–2500)


Andasar City (depopulated)





Antiga Prime is a planet in the Antiga System.


In its past, Antiga Prime had oceans that were home to large aquatic creatures. By the time it was colonized by terrans, the oceans had disappeared, leaving hard mudflats and low mesas covered by native scrub mixed with seeded purple blossoms. The sea creatures remained only as fossils.[1]

The colony's economy included viticulture and buffalo rearing,[2] as well as resource-rich locations such as the Stickler Woods, where resources slowly regenerated over time.[3]


In 2478, the residents of Andasar City rebelled against the Confederacy, kicking out their militia and taking the local magistrate hostage. They demanded an end to Confederate corruption. The entire city of thousands of people were killed by a Confederate troop led by Lieutenant Nadaner.[4]

Antigan revoltEdit

"Our sources tell us that Antiga Prime is ready to begin open revolt against the Confederacy. Unfortunately, the Confederates seem to be aware of this as well."

- Sarah Kerrigan elaborates before the revolution on Antiga Prime(src)

Sons of Korhal Staging Area

The Sons of Korhal base on Antiga Prime's second moon

With the Terran Confederacy's grip on the fringe worlds weakened by the Sons of Korhal in December 2499, Antiga Prime was ready to begin open revolt against the Confederacy. Aware of this fact, the Confederates stationed a large detachment of Alpha Squadron troops there. Arcturus Mengsk sent Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan and Captain Jim Raynor to free the colony and show their good intent to the Antigan people. Kerrigan infiltrated the Antigan command center and killed the Confederate officer, stirring up a full-scale revolt[5] that sent the Confederates into a state of panic.

The Norad II crash-landed on the planet[6] after being attacked by the zerg.[7] General Edmund Duke transmitted a priority one distress call to Confederate headquarters. After intercepting the transmission, Mengsk sent Raynor to save Duke, whom he convinced to join forces with him.[6]

In response, the Confederacy dispatched the Colonial Fleet and Confederate Army to deal with the rebellion. Three-way fighting ensued for months between the rebels, the Confederates,[2] and the zerg.[1]

The Confederacy discovered the Sons of Korhal position and sent a large strike force to establish a base camp within their defensive perimeter. Two hours later, Mengsk called a meeting where he ordered Kerrigan to plant a psi emitter in the Confederate base camp. The zerg descended upon the unsuspecting Confederates and annihilated them, allowing the Sons of Korhal to make their escape. The Koprulu Expeditionary Force incinerated the planet from orbit.[8] Confederate forces were forced to retreat, withdrawing to Halcyon.[2]



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