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Antiga Prime Colonial Militia

Antiga Prime colonial militia and police force



De Facto Leader

Confederate Command (?–2499)


TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (?–2499)
SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Sons of Korhal (2499–2500)


Andasar City, Antiga Prime (formerly)

Date Reorganized

2499/2500 (merged with SOK)


Disbanded, merged with Sons of Korhal

  The Antiga Prime Colonial Militia were a self-defense force for Antiga Prime.


Initially the militia was loyal to the Terran Confederacy, a loyalty that in mid-2478, saw them kicked out of the planet's capital of Andasar City. The city's population was demanding an end to Confederate corruption and had even kidnapped the planet's magistrate. Two days later however, a Confederate Marine Corps force reclaimed the city, restoring order at the cost of its entire population.[1]

By December 2499, things had changed and Antiga Prime as a whole was willing to engage in open revolt against the Confederacy. What role the militia played is unclear, but it appears to have allied itself with the rebels. Regardless, with the aid of the Sons of Korhal, Antiga Prime succeeded in removing Confederate control,[2] only to find itself engaged in months[3] of conflict with the Confederacy and zerg before the planet was purified by the protoss.[4]


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