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Antioch SC1 CineFallFenix1

The desolation wrought upon Antioch

Antioch is a protoss province on Aiur.


Zerg InvasionEdit

FirstStrikeEp3 SC1 Map1

A map of Antioch during the Great War

The zerg invasion of Aiur devastated the planet and Antioch was no exception, experiencing numerous zerg attacks. Two days after the invasion's conclusion proper (the manifestation of the Overmind),[1] the outpost, under the command of Praetor Fenix, was on the edge of the abyss in terms of manpower and resources.[2] As such, the Conclave ordered that Antioch be reinforced, as the first priority of the protoss forces was to strengthen their defenses.[3]

First Battle of AntiochEdit

Reinforcements under the leadership of Executor Artanis arrived at Antioch, having successfully engaged numerous zerg patrols in the lands surrounding it. Fortifying the base, the protoss then launched a successful counterattack against the zerg Tiamat Brood forces which occupied the ridge to the north.[4]

Second Battle of AntiochEdit

"Executor! Antioch is under attack by overwhelming Zerg forces!"

While the main protoss strike force carried out an attack on the zerg-held province of Scion, Antioch fell under attack by overwhelming zerg forces. The defense was not nearly as successful as the first battle,[5] and Fenix was mortally wounded.[6]


By the end of the war, Antioch had been reduced to a wasteland.[6]

The area was colonized by the Shel'na Kryhas, protoss refugees stranded after the evacuation of Aiur.[7] In 2503,[8] the group was largely wiped out.[7]

Its legacy could be said to have lived on in the base of New Antioch on Shakuras.[9]

During the End War, the zerg at Antioch were purged by Matriarch Vorazun and Highlord Alarak.[10]


Antioch SC-R Art1

Antioch Province

It shares the name with an ancient Greek city.

The province appears as a contestable territory in RISK: StarCraft,[11] though its geography differs from its portrayal in the novel StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga: Shadow Hunters. In the novel, the Citadel of the Executor is located in the province.[7] In RISK: StarCraft however, the two locations are in completely different locations, Antioch located in Aiur's south-eastern hemisphere, the citadel in its northwestern.[11]


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