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Antonia Bryce was a terran archeologist. She possessed exceptional credentials, working on "cushier assignments" when compared to excavations on worlds such as Gelgaris.

In 2503, Byrce was assigned by Mr. V with other intellectuals to a team led by "maverick" archeologist Jake Ramsey, heading for an alien relic on the world of Nemaka. The constant, never changing nature of the artificial climate was frustrating for her, but regardless, entry to the relic was eventually achieved by Ramsey.

Things went badly from there however. Ramsey was attacked by an alien entity, landing him in a coma. Not long after this, Byrce and the rest of the archeologists found themselves as prisoners of the Terran Dominion on the Gray Tiger. However, due to a rampant marine, the ship's life support systems were destroyed, leaving Byrce and her colleagues to die.[1]


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