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"Warp fields stabilized."

- Arbiter pilot(src)

Arbiter SC1 Art1
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Psionic warship


2 engines


Phase disruptor cannon


Judicator sanctum
Psionic warfare support


1 (pilot)
Various passengers (optional)

The Arbiter is a protoss warship specializing in providing psychic support.


"The legendary arbiter vessels have been reconstructed due to our great need. They can be deployed at your discretion."

- Rohana(src)

Arbiter SC1 CineReturnAiur1

An Arbiter in Aiur's orbit

Arbiters were crewed exclusively by Judicators, unlike other warships that were manned predominantly by Templar. The Judicator used the Arbiter as a base to provide support using space-time manipulation.[1]

The Judicator could generate a large reality-warping field that served to conceal nearby friendly units. The Arbiter had to remain firmly anchored in space-time to generate the field and so was not concealed. Arbiters could weaken space-time, tearing rifts in the fabric of space-time, creating a vortex linking another location to the Arbiter's location. This could be used to move personnel and supplies over long distances. On the other hand Arbiters could also strengthen space-time and create discrete pockets of space-time, trapping objects and preventing those objects from interacting with objects outside of their pockets.[1]

Despite troop transport usually being left to shuttles,[1] Arbiters were capable of transporting forces within their holds, including dragoons.[2]

After the Judicator Caste was eliminated from the Protoss power structure, the Arbiter quickly fell into disuse. When the protoss fled Aiur to Shakuras, the Arbiters were lost along with Aiur.[3] In 2506, the Daelaam recovered the Spear of Adun from Aiur. The construction details for building the arbiters were still in the ship's databanks, and they were redeployed to serve in the End War.[4]

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StarCraft IIEdit

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An arbiter (or arbitrator) is an individual whose decision the parties to a dispute agree to be bound in arbitration. This could be said to be representative of the Judicator Caste.


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