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"Power overwhelming!"

- Protoss archon(src)

Archon Comic1
A pair of archons

The archon is a protoss heavy assault warrior formed by merging two high templar.[1] More recently the Nerazim have also learned the technique.[2]


Archon SC1 Art1
An archon
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The first archon(s) were created unexpectedly and their formation was soon legally sanctioned by Khala.[3]

The creation of an archon is a serious affair for it requires the reluctant sacrifice of valuable Templars[1] for a short-term gain.[4] Archons radiate energy like stars and burn out when depleted.[3] The merging results in the abandonment of the physical form and the loss of self, but those who do so are bequeathed great honor and a place in the templar archives.[1]

The loss of most of the psionic powers of the two merging templar is more than compensated for by the archon's formidable psychic gestalt. Archons can independently erect a resilient shield and direct psionic shockwaves.[3] Emotionally, archons are manifestations of pure rage,[5] though this may be "twisted" should the merging be in error.[6] Archons are much feared by their enemies.[2]

Originally, archons were formed through the merging of two high templar.[1] After the Brood War and the reunification of the protoss, archons can now also be created by merging two Dark Templar or even a Khalai and Nerazim merging together.[2]

Game UnitEdit


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StarCraft IIEdit

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Known ArchonsEdit

Archon SC2 Head2
An archon
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