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The logo for Turbo Simulator 2000

The Arclite Turbo Simulator 2000, or ATS2000, is a United Earth Directorate military simulation program. It was originally designed as a means to test and observe the reactions of prospective battlefield commanders under rapidly changing battlefield conditions. Over time however, it has evolved into a way of life among the military elite.


The ATS2000 duplicates a standard combat environment and then increases the tempo of combat to such a degree that even the most competent officers have trouble keeping up with the ever-changing tide of events. Commanders who can master this simulation will almost certainly be able to dominate their enemies once placed in normal battlefield conditions.

Game MapEdit

Players may choose any race. Each player is given six additional workers and, if zerg, an additional hatchery to start.

Each available unit costs significantly less resources and takes much less time to build.

Despite the UED reference in the mission briefing, Brood War-only units are not given a cost discount.


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