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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Retribution.

Orbital settlements and installations
  • Supply station (destroyed?)
  • Protoss staging platform (destroyed?)
Colony world
Allegiance TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion
Date 2500
  • Jungle
  • Ash

Aridas is a Terran Dominion world located in or near the Koprulu Sector and the site of the ruins of Taledon, an ancient city which housed the Argus Stone, an extremely powerful xel'naga relic.

Aridian colonists were protected by their own militia, but could call upon the Terran Dominion for military assistance.[1]


Aridas was visited by the xel'naga in times past; they left many sets of ruins on the planet.[2] They left behind the Argus Stone, an extremely powerful artifact, in a temple.[3]


Retribution Cover 2

The fighting on Aridas

At some point the Argus Stone was unearthed, drawing Dominion, protoss and zerg forces to the planet. A huge war broke out, much of it centering around which species would acquire the Stone.

Eventually the zerg acquired the Stone and evacuated the planet, the terrans and protoss following them all the way to Char.[4]






  • Taledon
  • Numerous other miscellaneous ruins


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