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Armor is a unit property which reduces incoming damage by a set amount per hit. Armor may be upgraded at certain structures.

Armor can make a significant difference in what units counter what. Units that do low damage are most penalized by attacking a target's armor. Marines and zerglings are thus most affected by high armor. Ultralisks are a good counter to MnM for this reason.

Armor upgrades are also very significant. Upgraded weapons can reduce the number of hits it takes to kill a unit, and upgrading the unit's armor in response can counter this. For example, zerglings die to zealots in 2 hits instead of 3 if the zealots have 1 weapon upgrade and the zerglings have no carapace upgrade.

All attacks will do a minimum of 1 damage, even if the armor is higher than the attack's damage. However, some special attacks ignore armor, and all spells ignore armor.

StarCraft IIEdit

In StarCraft II, spell attacks ignore armor.[1]

Armored is a unit type. Some units gain bonuses towards light or armored units.[2]

Wings of LibertyEdit

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, each armor upgrade increases hit points by 5% when the vanadium plating upgrade is researched in the laboratory.[3]

SC2 Lab VanPlating Icon Vanadium Plating

Wings of Liberty


5 protoss research points

Researched at

Hyperion laboratory


Armor upgrades at the armory and engineering bay increase health by 5% per level. Vanadium better disperses weapon impacts than standard armor.[3]



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