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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simulated intelligence implanted as a form of computer coding, either used in software or hardware such as robots. AIs are utilized by terrans, protoss and, seemingly, the xel'naga.[1][2]



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Terran adjutant

Terran artificial intelligence is widespread in use and is reasonably sophisticated, at least in software. For all intents and purposes, ATLAS is the first known example of a terran AI; a "revolutionary" supercomputer developed sometime in the 23rd century. [3] The functions of terran AIs include navigation,[4], entertainment,[5] administration[6] and even guiding weapon systems.[7] However, it appears that at least some terran AIs may develop flaws in their programming and breaking down in discipline, becoming "rampant."[8]

Terran AIs are not sentient[9] and do not generate thought in the same manner as an organic sentient being. As such, they cannot be read by a telepath.[10] At least some terran AIs use binary coding as part of their operation.[11] Terran AI technology cannot mimic the creativity of their human creators.[12] Terrans have developed some ability to transfer human consciousness into AI.[11]

Some AI have made their way into terran culture, and seem to possess some element of free will. Terrans who have a bias against these intelligence are considered to be "technophobic."[5]

Terrans also use automated hardware, but whether or not all of them can truly be said to be guided by an AI is dubious. However, they are listed below for the sake of completeness.




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Warp prism control center

The protoss are a technologically advanced race, though not a prolific one. As such, much of their military relies on automated robotic war machines.[3] Lesser constructs are also present in the lives of the Khalai Caste.[13] If the warp prism is indicative, protoss AIs are created through a psionic manufacturing process, and use crystalline lattices as hardware.[14]

Due to the Purifier Rebellion, the Protoss Empire forbade the creation of sentient artificial intelligence.[15] However, this edict was sidestepped later in the life of the empire with the attempted revival of the program.[16]

Known constructs include:


The purifiers are a robotic race created by the protoss.[17] Types of purifiers include:



AI characters and protoss robots


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