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Arturro Calabas
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Old Families
Calabas Family

Head of the Calabas Family

Family and

Morgan Calabas (son and heir)

Arturro Calabas was the head of the Calabas Family, one of the Old Families of the Terran Confederacy. In the months leading up to the Fall of the Confederacy, with fears of the zerg and protoss running rampant and increasing terrorism, he proposed sending some Old Family heirs to a resort on Tyrador IX, including his son Morgan. His suggestions were acted upon.[1] They were accompanied by a security contingent.[2]

Months later, the zerg devastated Tarsonis. Calabas sent a desperate message to the scions and security, ordering them to follow "Plan Razor", which had them heading toward "The Baker's Dozen", a series of mining worlds he owned.[2]


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