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Asia is one of the seven continents of Earth, located in the eastern and northern hemispheres.

During the 13th Century, much of Asia was conquered by Ghengis Khan. He appointed people to rule based on merit rather than family connections. Terran Dominion propaganda labels his empire as among Earth's most innovative.[1]

During the 20th Century, Asia was one of the focal points of the Cold War and the ideological confrontation between capitalism and communism. During the 21st century however, the last vestiges of communism were swept away from the "eastern nations," resulting in an abundance of available nuclear weapons. In addition, the world's super-powers (theoretically including China) found their economic and military superiority challenged by the "third world."[2]

With the breakdown of society over the 22nd century and the inauguration of the United Powers League, Asia and its nation-states came under its rule, their native languages banned due to the designation of English as the common tongue of the planet.[2] Despite the end of political and social independence, elements of Asian culture continue to exist. Despite faulty and limited data on Earth's history, the terrans of the Koprulu Sector have kept at least one Asian style of writing alive, on both the informal[3][4] and formal[5] level. Martial arts are still practiced[6] and the existence of Japan is remembered, one of the few countries of Earth whose name is remembered, Japanese cuisine also existing.[7]


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