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Battle of the Khor-shakal


Battle of the First Overmind

Assault on the Conclave

Great War

Protoss Civil War
Zerg invasion of Aiur

The Fall






Fleet of the Executor victory; Tassadar is rescued from the Conclave


AkilaeTribe SC1 Logo1a Tassadar's Followers
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders

AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Protoss Conclave


AkilaeTribe SC1 Logo1a Executor Artanis
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Commander Jim Raynor
AkilaeTribe SC1 Logo1a Praetor Fenix
Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Prelate Zeratul
AkilaeTribe SC1 Logo1a Executor Tassadar (imprisoned)

AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Conclave
AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Judicator Aldaris


AkilaeTribe SC1 Logo1a Fleet of the Executor
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders
Dark templar warband

AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Vanguard of Aiur

AraTribe SC-BG-BW Logo1a Ara Tribe
FurinaxTribe SC1 Logo1a Furinax Tribe



The Assault on the Conclave was a operation prepared by the Executor Artanis, Praetor Fenix and Captain Jim Raynor to rescue Tassadar from the Conclave prison.


With Tassadar imprisoned by the Conclave and awaiting trial, the Dark Templar vanished. Without Tassadar and the seeming abandonment by the Dark Templar, Fenix was pessimistic about the prospects of defeating the zerg and wondered if Tassadar was right to trust in the Dark Templar. However, the templar was determined to fight on. As the trial was unlikely to be fair, the templar resolved to rescue Tassadar. Raynor, aboard the battlecruiser Hyperion, gladly volunteered the aid of his troops.

The stasis cell holding Tassadar was heavily defended by the Vanguard of Aiur, consisting of two tribes, the Ara and the Furinax, tasked with the defense of the prison. However, despite the Conclave defenses, the attackers fought their way to the stasis cell and freed the former executor.

The rescue attempt was expected by Judicator Aldaris, however, and the would-be-rescuers were quickly surrounded by more troops loyal to the Conclave. In the last moment, the arrest of Tassadar and his followers was prevented by the reappearance of Zeratul and the Dark Templar. After trading barbs, where Zeratul attributed the failure of the protoss war effort to the Conclave's hubris, and another small battle, Tassadar and his followers went free. Somehow, the dark templar prelate had managed to convince Aldaris to end his petty strife with the Nerazim. After that, the followers of Tassadar could prepare their final attack against the Overmind and his Cerebrates without the intervention of the Conclave.[1]


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