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Atmosphere generators are terran devices used for providing a breathable atmosphere in areas where such an atmosphere is not present.


Large and bulky, atmosphere generators are a meter by a meter and a half in area and weigh over a metric ton. Upon activation, a generator attaches itself to the surface on which it resides and begins to emit a low humming sound. Soon after this, the combined power of activated generators creates a blinding flash, which results in a protective dome over a wide area. The atmosphere is blue, akin to the sky of Earth, though it pulses and glows.[1]

After the creation of the atmospheric shell, it takes four hours for a breathable atmosphere to be created and even after this has been established, the air is still cold and dry. It takes several more hours for temperatures to build up to a comfortable level, specifically 21 degrees Celsius. After that, it takes terrans about a month to adapt to the atmosphere, the occasional bleeding nose being a side effect, seemingly due to a thinner than usual atmosphere. In addition, the atmosphere never changes aesthetically or physically, which can give a feeling of monotony to those dwelling within it.[1]


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