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Auriga Tribe
AurigaTribe SC1 Logo1



Urun (?–)

De Facto Leader

Conclave (?–2500)
Hierarchy (Between 25002503–)


Protoss Empire (?–2500)

TemplarCaste SC2 Logo1 Templar Caste (?–)
Great Fleet
Vanguard of Aiur (?–2500)

DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam (Between 2500-2502–)

TemplarCaste SC2 Logo1 Templar Caste (?–2506)
Great Fleet

Aiur (?–July, 2500)
Shakuras (July, 2500–2506)
Aiur (2506–)

Official Language




  The Auriga Tribe is a Templar Caste tribe, involved in protoss fleet operations.

Its tribal color is orange.[1]


Early HistoryEdit

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Auriga Tribe was the first to construct sailing ships, captivated by the thrill of exploring the unknown (a trait that the Auriga still bear).

In the aftermath of the Aeon of Strife, the Auriga were placed within the Templar Caste, charged with operating the carriers and arbiters of the Great Fleet.[1]

Recent HistoryEdit

The Auriga suffered a heavy blow in the war against the zerg and, courtesy of taking the side of the Conclave against Tassadar and the Dark Templar, conflict against their fellow protoss.[2] In the end, although the Overmind was eventually defeated, the Great Fleet had been decimated by this point.[3] By the Second Great War, the fleet was restored.[4]

Urun is the representative of the the Auriga Tribe in the Protoss Hierarchy.[5]

Known AurigaEdit


Auriga is Latin for "charioteer". The emblem of the Auriga tribe somewhat resembles the constellation Auriga, or a sail.


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