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Backwater Gulch
BackwaterGulch SC2 Map1



Wasteland (Mar Sara)



Extra Features

Backwater Gulch is a landform on Mar Sara.

Game MapEdit

The gulch served as a 4-player map in StarCraft II, but was canceled for season 4.[1]

It has a familiar main to first expansion layout. Early gameplay on this map should feel familiar, and there probably aren't too many early-game threats or difficulties in terms of gimmicky strategies a player needs to worry about. The second expansion, however, features a high ground area that is accessible by two ramps, meaning it can be easily harassed. The center area has two watch towers as well as two high-yield expansions that will be difficult to maintain, and the key to victory in some games could come down to how long a player can hold one or both of these center expansions.[2]

There are two choke points near the expansion.


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