Baneling evolution is an evolution mission available in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.


Abathur located a unique organism on Nelyth, the mitoscarab. The creature had a decentralized nervous system that allowed it to reform as individual, smaller beings. Sarah Kerrigan sent a force of banelings to the planet to secure the mitroscarab's essence for the Swarm. The assimilated essence was used to create the splitter strain, which killed the protoss nearby to secure the area.

Abathur also found banelings on Scoria, a volcanic world. The planet was prone to lava surges that killed generations of banelings on low ground that were flooded. Some, however, mutated the ability to leap up cliffs to reach safety, evolving into hunters. Kerrigan used the hunters to find other mutated banelings in the area, and mobilized them to attack a Terran Dominion mining outpost. The hunters snuck into the base from the cliffs nearby and their planetary fortress was destroyed, breaking the Dominion's power on the world.[1]

Gameplay and WalkthroughEdit

In the first part of the mission, the player will command a force of banelings against first a normal mitoscarab, then a prime mitoscarab. When both are dead along with their offspring, the player will receive a large number of splitters. The splitters can now move through the area killing the protoss. Abathur will reinforce their numbers along the way at set points.

In the second part of the mission, the player receives control of a number of hunters. Lava surges periodically kill any units on low ground, so the player must watch the time. After finding other packs of hunters to rescue, the player must destroy the planetary fortress in the Dominion base. The main entrance is heavily defended, but the hunters can leap up the cliffs to the east to circle to the back of the base and attack the planetary fortress directly.


In early builds of the mission, the strains of banelings were named "siegelings" and "splinterlings." The siegeling would be forced to fight a protoss guardian. The splinterlings were in eggs that had to be recovered by a zerg queen.[2]


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