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Commander Bartlett





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Bartlett is a high-ranking Terran Dominion military officer. He is obese and has "meaty" hands.[1]

In 2503,[2] he was scheduled to review the then-secret thor at the Simonson Munitions Factory along with a number of other high-ranking officers. Bartlett was supposed to be driven by a liason, Colton Miersma, but he died of a heart attack brought on by Pandora, a Umojan shadowguard who had poisoned him. His replacement, Rebecca Schafer, was also murdered by Pandora.

Pandora used a psiweave to imitate Schafer's appearance and drove Miersma to the facility, gambling that the security checks wouldn't focus on a lowly driver. Bartlett didn't notice the deception, not even speaking to her, only lustfully observing her. Once at the facility, Pandora released cloaked spy drones, which followed Bartlett through the facility and observed the thor until Pandora recalled the drones and escaped with the information.[1]


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