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"I do not give a toxic fart what you can or can't currently interface with up there in your puking bubble. You get me air support and scorched earth-right now-or I will find you and smear you all over the Koprulu Sector! Better men than you spilled their blood to take this rock from the Confederates and I will not lose it to the zerg! Do you understand?"

- Anonymous Sons of Korhal soldier(src)

Battle of Atticus Minor
BattleAtticusMinor SC-Com1 Comic1

The Great War

Mengsk's Uprising

February 2500,[1] during or immediately after the Battle of Antiga Prime[note 1]


Atticus Minor


Arcturus Mengsk survived, War Pigs escaped; otherwise unknown


TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy
War Pigs

SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Sons of Korhal

Zerg SC1 Logo Zerg Swarm


Brock Valevoss

SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Arcturus Mengsk

Zerg SC1 Logo Overmind


War Pigs
Wraith blockade


At least one ultralisk





The Battle of Atticus Minor was fought at Atticus Minor during the Great War.


As the Sons of Korhal continued to win victories against the Confederacy, Tarsonis-based bureaucrat Tamsen Cauley came to believe that a victory by Arcturus Mengsk was inevitable, unless he was killed.

Cauley was the handler for the War Pigs, a band of criminals "freed" in exchange for fighting for the Confederacy. They were not neurally resocialized so they could preserve their unique talents.


The Sons of Korhal, led by Arcturus Mengsk, wrested the planet from the Terran Confederacy but had to deal with a zerg infestation thereafter.

The BattleEdit

ArcturusMengsk SCComic1

The target

The War Pigs were dispatched to Atticus Minor in the General Lee to assassinate Mengsk. The War Pigs tried to use the chaos of the zerg invasion to kill Mengsk but failed and were forced to flee from the zerg. They successfully evaded the xenomorphs, only to fall afoul of a Confederate blockade. Nuura Joss, their pilot, evaded them as well.


Tamsen Cauley decided to switch sides to the Sons of Korhal, now that the fall of the Confederacy seemed inevitable to him. However, this would require hiding all involvement of his assassination attempt on his new boss. He resolved to exterminate the War Pigs and replaced them with the neurally resocialized Cerberus Program.

The War Pigs, fearing they had been betrayed by Cauley, went into hiding. However, Brock Valevoss traveled to Tarsonis to personally confront him. He was persuaded to betray the War Pigs.

Valevoss lured the War Pigs to Tyrador VIII, where they would be ambushed by Cerberus troops. However, the War Pigs were suspicious and arranged a counter-ambush. They killed all the Cerberus troops present, while Valevoss died to "friendly fire" from Cerberus. The War Pigs split up and promised not to reunite.


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  1. According to StarCraft comic author Simon Furman, this battle takes place during or shortly after the battle of Antiga Prime. Simon Furman, Medievaldragon. 2009-06-10. StarCraft # 1 - Simon Furman Interview. Blizzplanet. Accessed 2009-06-10. In StarCraft: Issue 1 this was timestamped as June, 2500 but this was retconned in StarCraft: Book 1 as taking place in February of the same year.

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