The Battle of Shakuras took place after the successful recovery of the Khalis and Uraj crystals by the protoss. The successful activation of the xel'naga temple secured the protoss hold on Shakuras from the zerg for the Brood War.



The Khalai refugees from Aiur unintentionally brought the zerg with them to Shakuras.[1] The protoss planned to use the xel'naga temple to stop the infestation. Dark Templar research indicated the activating the temple required the Khalis and Uraj crystals, both of which the protoss no longer possessed.[2] The crystals were subsequently recovered from Char[3] and Braxis,[4] and returned to Shakuras.

Defense of the TempleEdit

With the crystals in hand, Matriarch Raszagal directed them brought to the temple with all speed. The forcefulness of her order betrayed her corruption by Sarah Kerrigan, but as yet this was hidden from the protoss. Despite previous efforts[2] zerg once more encroached on the temple grounds but this local infestation did not prevent Artanis from carrying the Uraj, and Zeratul the Khalis, into the temple.

As the duo began channeling the temple's energies through the crystals, nearby zerg broods began attacking the temple. The protoss defenses held firm under the determined assaults and bought enough time to complete the channeling. The protoss then withdrew into the temple to await the activation (leaving behind any mind-controlled zerg).[5]

Fury of the Xel'nagaEdit

FuryXelnaga SC1-BW VCine103:23

FuryXelnaga SC1-BW VCine1

The protoss activate the temple

As zerg swarmed over the temple a giant burst of energy erupted from the ancient structure, altering the immediate landscape,[6] and obliterating all zerg on the planet.[7] As an additional surprise, the planet experienced a rare sun rise.[6]


In the game mission the channeling time is 15 minutes.


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