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Battle of Talematros
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Brood War


The Queen of Blades




Talematros, Shakuras


Zerg Swarm strategic victory


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Zerg SC2 Icon Queen Sarah Kerrigan
Zerg SC2 Icon Consort Duran
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1 zerg brood

Talematros Defenders


Heavy; city of Talematros destroyed

The Battle of Talematros took place on Shakuras when Sarah Kerrigan's forces, led by Samir Duran, assaulted the fortified protoss city of Talematros. Duran successfully destroyed the city (by overloading the surrounding pylons), enabling the zerg to kidnap Matriarch Raszagal.



Kerrigan, having recovered from the UED attack on Tarsonis, moved forward with her plan. She took Samir Duran and a zerg force to Shakuras, informing Duran that she needed to recover Matriarch Raszagal to advance her plan.

Raszagal was located in the Dark Templar capital, Talematros, which was built on a tall hill with five heavily-defended ramps to get inside. A large number of protoss from Aiur had also moved into the city, augmenting its defenses with troops and technology. Talematros had a defense system consisting of special pylons, which generated a powerful electro-magnetic field, capable of preventing zerg from maneuvering through the air nearby. As a result, Kerrigan could only send ground-based minions, with a few exceptions, anywhere near the capital.

She needed a distraction to retrieve the Matriarch, and her servant Samir Duran provided one. He knew quite a bit about protoss technology, enough to spot a vulnerability in the city's defenses. If he could plant explosives on the five special pylon clusters and detonate them simultaneously, he could overload the pylons, creating a huge distraction. Of course, he still had to lead the zerg up the city's five ramps, which were defended by both the protoss.

The BattleEdit

Despite a lack of air support, as well as repeated attacks from Talematros' defenders, the zerg broke through the outer defenses of the city, allowing Duran to plant the explosives on all five pylon clusters. On Kerrigan's command, he ignited the charges. As a result, the entire city exploded, as all of its structures were connected to the power grid. In the confusion, Kerrigan was able to spirit away the Matriarch and escape.

The xel'naga temple was not activated during the battle.[1]


  • In the briefing for this mission, Duran describes Talematros as a mere "outpost" rather than as the capital city. [2]
  • Overlords cannot be used to transport units in this mission.


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  2. Duran: "The Protoss outpost of Talematros is built upon a large mesa and is essentially impregnable to ground attacks." StarCraft: Brood War. Vivendi Games. Mission: Drawing of the Web (in English). 1998.

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