Dr. Bazio Thurgood is a terran astrophysics professor and host of the Space is a Weird, Wacky Place! science show. Warp gate technology is one of his fields of research, along with the nature of instantaneous travel between stars and planets. He presented a report on the concept;


"The existence of Protoss warp gate technology has conclusively demonstrated that instantaneous travel between the stars is indeed possible via artificial means. This raises the question, "might it then also be possible that such travel could transpire through a naturally occurring phenomenon?" While we have scant evidence to suggest that transdimensional rifts in space spontaneously exist, our understanding of the true nature of space and time is still quite limited. Now, let me show you something interesting. I can take this strip of paper, twist it 180 degrees as such, and then use a small amount of adhesive on the ends to form a loop. Suddenly, I have created a two dimensional object with only one side, commonly referred to as a Mobius Strip. You can trace your finger along the loop forever. A strange little creation, isn't it? What we see in this is a seemingly impossible construct of nature, yet I created it with a simple piece of paper and a bit of glue. Who of us really knows what strange enigmas remain to be unraveled in the vastness of the universe?"

- Dr. Thurgood(src)


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