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"This land was sacred to the Tal'darim before terrans ever reached the stars! You must depart immediately!"

- The Tal'darim Executor attempts to ward off Raynor's Raiders.(src)

Bel'shir SC2 Art2

Mackan System[1]

Dominant terrain


Points of

Terrazine shrines






Protoss Empire (formerly)
Tal'darimStandard SC2 Logo1 Tal'darim


Arakan Citadel


Tal'darim world

Bel'Shir is a jungle world. It has terrazine shrines where the protoss gain psionic power.[2]


Bel'Shir was once as a sacred spiritual retreat for the Templar Caste. It later became a sacred world to the Tal'darim, whose mystics set up altars to collect terrazine, which they believed to be a gift from the xel'naga and called "the Breath of Creation".[3]

GabrielToshMissons SC2 Icon1

This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Main article: Welcome to the Jungle

In 2504, Gabriel Tosh requested Raynor's Raiders to collect terrazine from the alters. The Tal'darim found them and sent in their air power, which was held off by Jim Raynor's anti-air force, which included goliaths. The Tal'darim then tried to seal off their altars so that Raynor's SCVs could not "defile the Breath of Creation", as Nyon put it. Raynor prevailed against them and delivered the terrazine to a pleased Tosh.[3]


BelShir SC2 Cncpt1

The surface of Bel'Shir




Bel'shir SC2 Art1

Old planetary image

  • Bel'shir may have once been called Albion. However, the two worlds have different tilesets.[4]
  • Bel'shir once appeared nearly identical to the world which appeared in the first StarCraft II video from space, except for the green color and the artificial volcano.[1] This world is Braxis Alpha.[5] The image has since been updated.[6]
  • Bel'shir (old image) appears on the official StarCraft II website in the hole above the footer of the site.[7]
  • During storyline development, the moon originally featured an artificial volcano, which was created by the zerg to provide energy, visible from space as a reddish "explosion".[1]
BelShir SC2 Map1

A map of Bel'Shir

  • A map of Bel'Shir exists in the map editor. However, apart from the absence of creep, this map is identical to one of Aiur,[4] so assessing its validity is difficult.


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