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Annabella "Bella" Terra was the wife of Constantino Terra, serving as the joint-head of the Terra Family.

By way of physical appearance, Bella was short, stout, a brunette and possessed an olive complexion and hourglass figure.

Constantino and Bella did not get along with each other, partly because Constantino was too "nice" to his employees and partly because of his political and philosophical views. Bella Terra was considered the head of the household, a gender-defined role.


Like most Old Family marriages, Bella did not marry Constantino out of love but rather financial expediency. Artificial insemination produced her three heirs (Clara, Zebediah and Nova) and she could obtain physical pleasure from her jig, Edward Peters, just like Contantino had his mistress, Eleftheria. Somewhat unusually, Bella got on well with her, even though she often tried to mediate in the many arguments she had with her husband, Bella in turn deriving pleasure from interrupting the couple's 'private moments'.

In contrast, she always found Peters to be something of a cold fish. As it was, Peters had thrown in his lot with a band of rebels, a group that stormed the Terra Skyscraper and executed Bella along with the majority of her family.


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