Bian Ari is a terran member of a university Physical Sciences Steering Committee. He made a report on Dr. Fredrica Wallis' theory based on a discovery made on Braxis by a university team. A transcript is below;


"It has come to the attention of this committee that one of our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Fredrica Wallis, has proposed a peculiar new theory that could shake the foundations of our very universe. A University sponsored geologic survey team returned six months ago from the icy wastes of Braxis, where they reported the discovery of a carving of immense proportions. Obviously created by sentient beings, this formation that bears some physical similarity to the word 'Blizzard' was found in a section of snow measuring approximately two miles wide. Dr. Wallis has seized this report and is holding it up as evidence of her insane theory that our universe is merely a game simulation being played upon the personal computer of a higher life form. This committee refuses to grant this lunacy even the slightest shred of support. If Ms. Wallis wishes to continue with this research, we must recommend her transfer from the Physical Sciences branch of this University to the Metaphysics laboratory. At least in that setting she can ignore reality and continue to spout irrational nonsense to her heart's content. In short, she must not be allowed to infect other students or faculty members with these heretical ideas. We are all real flesh and blood, ladies and gentlemen -- we are not just a simulation."

- Bian Ari, Physical Sciences Steering Committee(src)


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