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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Insurrection.

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Bill Constantine
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TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Brontes IV Colonial Militia

Marshal of the Brontes IV Colonial Militia (formerly)

Bill Constantine was the marshal in charge of the Brontes IV Colonial Militia.


A militia patrol had gone missing near an old installation, and Constantine was unable to receive any help from the Confederacy in finding them. Constantine dispatched a scout, Sergeant, along with a number of troopers, in order to determine why the patrol had gone missing. This group was ambushed by an unknown rebel group, however.[1]

He asked for the Confederacy for help again, but they only granted him the services of a band of elite ghosts, the Shroud. These ghosts discovered the patrol had been attacked out by the Fist of Redemption. Many members were taken prisoner, along with a quantity of zerg. The Shroud rescued the prisoners.[2]

Constantine was unable to get any more help from the Magistrate or the Confederacy. He called upon former Confederate officer Jack Frost for help. Frost had retired and didn't want to help, even after Constantine showed him Carpenter's propaganda disk, which had been removed from the Fist of Redemption installation. The disk made reference to an alliance with "visitors from the skies", possibly the zerg seen in the rebel installation. Frost led the assault, fighting both the Fist and the zerg.[3]

Constantine received information that the Fist of Redemption was making a deal with the Atkinson Corporation for aircraft at Atkinson Airfield. Frost refused to lead the assault, heading back into retirement. Constantine put the assault force under the command of Tsuname and Charlie Vane. He wanted the force to investigate if the Atkinson Corporation was crooked, but Tsuname exterminated them without bothering to investigate.[4]

Constantine couldn't react to these events, as his headquarters were attacked by the Fist of Redemption. Atticus Carpenter contacted him, asking for his surrender, but Constantine refused. He held on as his forces attacked the Fist. During the battle, Frost arrived with many reinforcements.[5]

Constantine was delighted at Frost's return. However, he was then contacted by a representative from the Council of Inquiry. The representative fired him for failing to prevent possibly infested transport ships from leaving Brontes IV and carrying the infestation to other worlds in the system.[6]


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