Billy Tallman was a member of Marius Blackwood's platoon. He was a close friend of Marius, and was the third to last to die in combat. Marius looked up to him as a leader, as he was always larger then life.


Billy Tallman served alongside Marius Blackwood, Cione, Stoltzfus, Marciniak all through their days in the academy. They had been part of the same platoon, and had saved one another on more then one occasion. After their platoon broke up, they all agreed to meet every year in Shiloh in a bar called the Shed.

Tallman was the unspoken leader of the platoon, as was looked up to as large than life. He had, according to Blackwood, "spilled the most drink, won the most fights, bedded the most beautiful women." Blackwood thought if anyone was unstoppable, it would be him.

Tallman met his end when a mercenary company he joined had a deal go sour. Nobody in the platoon ever got the full details.


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