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Biomass SC2-NCO Icon1


Biomass is biological matter that can be used by the zerg in order to evolve the Swarm.

Game EffectEdit

Left 2 DieEdit

In the official arcade map Left 2 Die, biomass is used as a resource, and is obtained by killing special zerg units and destroying infested buildings. A science facility can be used to spend biomass in new units, structures and upgrades.[1]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

In the the Heart of the Swarm campaign, biomass is used both for primary mission objectives and as optional objectives to gain levels for Kerrigan, effectively replacing mutagen from earlier in development.[2]

Co-op MissionsEdit

Biomass SC2-LotV Game1

Biomass ready to be collected

In Co-op Missions, Abathur gains biomass from destroyed enemy units. This allows the creation of upper tier units such as the brutalisk and leviathan.


On a island on the east side of the map "Old Soldiers", there is an outhouse labeled "Terran Biomass."


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