"Is this weapon meant to be a gun or a sword? I think it's both!"

- Nova Terra, discovering the gunblade(src)

The blazefire gunblade is a high-tech weapon researched by the Defenders of Man at General Carolina Davis's compound on Vardona. It is an unconventional weapon which fires bullets in addition to having a long swordlike blade, designed with the principle that one weapon can serve multiple purposes. The unwieldiness of the blade meant that it could only be used by the most accomplished martial artists.[1]

Gameplay Edit

When equipped, Nova uses a ranged attack against air units and a melee attack against ground units.
BlazefireGunblade SC2NCOGame
Blazefire Gunblade

Versatile melee and ranged weapon. Attacks deal area damage. Can use Fury of One to execute multiple attacks against enemies in a large target area. Can attack ground and air units.

Innate Ability: Fury of One:

Rapidly jump to random enemies within 5 radius 11 times, attacking each of them for 45 damage. A single target can be hit more than once. Can target ground and air units.

Hotkey Q
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Acquired during "In the Enemy's Shadow."
Blazefire gunblade
  • Anti-ground
  • Anti-air
60RipwaveMissiles SC2 Icon1 (vs ground)
40RipwaveMissiles SC2 Icon1 (vs air)
Melee (vs ground)
4 (vs air)



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