• StarCraft II press Q&A, discussing technology, map editors, heroes and the trilogy mechanics.[1]
  • The Queen now builds creep tumors (rather than drones), and the vespene gas mechanic has changed to somre extent.[2]
  • See three excerpts from the StarCraft II gameplay panel at; Zeratul meeting Infested Kerrigan on a mysterious world, Sarah Kerrigan abandoned to the zerg (labeled as Nova), and Raynor and co. being rescued from Mar Sara by the Hyperion. See more excerpts, including Findlay and Raynor meeting, at
  • At the opening ceremonies for BlizzCon 2008, Mike Morhaime announced that StarCraft II beta keys are being given away to BlizzCon attendees. No report on when the beta test will be.[5]
  • Official BlizzCon 2008 StarCraft II screenshots can be found on numerous fansites, such as Starfeeder.
24th September 2008 - BlizzCon Live Stream !!!
WoW Radio will be streaming BlizzCon's announcements and panels live and for free. Afterwards the material will be packaged into podcasts for later downloading and listening. Details at Blizzplanet's announcement and WoW radio podcast.


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