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Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Heroes of the Storm
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Hero brawler


PC/Mac download[1]

Heroes of the Storm[2] (formerly titled Blizzard DotA, and Blizzard All-Stars)[3] is an upcoming hero brawler.[4] It will be free-to-play[5] and it is expected that the game will be released digitally.[6] Formerly a mod for StarCraft II, it has since become an independent product.[7] Blizzard is apparently intent on pushing the game as an e-sport.[8]

A beta will be held in the first half of 2014.[1]



HeroesoftheStorm Heroes Art1
The Heroes of the Storm
HawkiAdded by Hawki

Heroes from Azeroth, Sanctuary, and the Koprulu sector have been sucked into the Nexus, a transdimensional storm. Stranded in a strange limbo of clashing universes, these combatants are joined by the same fate—to engage in pulse-pounding combat, to team up in a deadly struggle for survival, and to answer the age-old question...who would win?[9]


Heroes of the Storm is free-to-play. Players can unlock heroes and other content just by playing the game. Cosmetic upgrades like skins, equipment, and mounts will be available. New heroes will also be released over time, along with new battlegrounds, though battlegrounds will probably be freely available to all players. It’s also possible that additional talent options for existing heroes could be available as unlockable content.[1]


BlizzardAllStars AllStars Art1
The heroes do battle
HawkiAdded by Hawki

Blizzard intends that Heroes of the Storm will have multiple maps.[10] Many of these battlegrounds share environmental features, like forts, which are sprinkled along the pathways between each team’s base. Each fort includes structures such as gates to prevent enemy movement and healing fountains for health and mana regeneration, in addition to a protective guard tower. Capturable watchtowers also mark important positions on many battlegrounds, offering vision on key areas.[9]

The game will feature an automated matchmaker, based on player skill.[11] It will have its own ladder.[12]

HeroesoftheStorm Heroes Art2
Who has the advantage?
HawkiAdded by Hawki

The average Heroes of the Storm game is designed to last approximately 20 minutes. The layout of the game encourages early team-based aggression. If all five members of a team go for the neutral boss early enough, or capture their jungle camps, there is no way that the enemy will be able to counter-push their lanes.[13] Each player is assigned a hero. During the match, waves of computer-controlled minions spawn from towers and advance along each lane. Heroes fight alongside their minions to destroy enemy towers and advance toward the enemy base while protecting their own. During their battles, the heroes gain experience and gold, enabling them to become stronger.[10]

NazibaRaynorSylvanas Heroes Art1
Thanksgiving, Nexus style
HawkiAdded by Hawki

In addition to lane fighting, heroes can traverse the jungle and take advantageous objectives such as power nodes for different kinds of bonuses. These bonuses are guarded by mercenary camps.[10]

The gameplay will provoke aggression more than in DotA, where camping by a tower and last hitting the creeps was the best, but not intuitive or heroic-feeling strategy.[14]

When heroes cooperate to kill an opponent, all of them get a "takedown" and share the gold. The game no longer punishes unselfish play.[10] In accordance with this approach, instead of showing each team’s kills on the scoreboard, it will show everyone in game how much gold each team has. This is intended to reinforce the team-oriented feel of the game.[13]

The game will have a map editor similar to the Galaxy Map Editor.[15]


Towers regenerate ammo, but not as quickly as they consume it by attacking, so they cannot be used as a "defense crutch". Enemy players can easily destroy towers unsupported by heroes, promoting a more aggressive hero vs. hero style rather than a more passive hero vs tower style.[16] The towers have fewer hit points than in previous MOBA games.[12] Once a tower is destroyed, it will not return.[13]

The Jungle

There will be mercenary camps in the jungle that, when defeated, will provide mercs rather than lane minions to the winning player's side. The mercs will be more powerful.[16]

Jungle groups have difficulty tags and recommended number of players above them; examples might include Level 8 Solo vs Level 12 Group.[10]


As of BlizzCon 2013, there are 18 playable heroes in the game.[9]

Each hero starts the game with a set of powerful abilities and traits, and over the course of the battle players will have the ability to customize their hero with unique talents and heroic abilities.[1] Each hero has an assigned class (see below), but can be developed towards another class as they level up.[15] Each hero has an ultimate ability they can choose.[17]

Each hero will have three stats - Damage, Health, and Mastery - and fit one of four roles:

  • Assassins: Assassins do a great deal of damage. It is recommended that they try to kill enemy heroes and avoid counter-attacks.[18]
  • Warriors: Warriors are tough, and often have ways to stun or block the enemy. They should be used to protect one's allies.[18] Most of them are melee orientated.
  • Supports: Supports often buff[15] or heal their allies. Keeping fellow heroes alive is their role.[18]
  • Specialists: Specialists have a variety of abilities. Many are good at killing enemy towns, but others have powers that can change the flow of the game.[18]

Heroes level up as a team rather than individually.[19]

ThrallMount AllStars DevRend1
Thrall on his cyberworlf mount
HawkiAdded by Hawki

Heroes will be able to ride into battle on a mount, allowing quick returns to a fight and great mobility from one lane to another.[14] Mounts replace boots. They have a two second channel time and allows heroes to move around faster on their respective summoned mounts.[16] Each hero has their own mount. For instance, Kerrigan has a zergling.[20] While mounted, when a hero is hit by any source of damage they are dismounted and stunned for several seconds. Thus, it is recommended that heroes dismount before reaching combat.[21]

When a player first plays the game, they will only have a few heroes available to them at first. As one plays matches, more heroes will unlock. When an individual has earned all of the heroes, they can begin unlocking cosmetic “prestige” items by winning games with specific heroes. Prestige items can include alternate weapons, crowns, and other accessories.[11] Customizable skins can be unlocked for heroes over time.[13] Hero colors can be changed during selection.[22]






Proposed Heroes

The following heroes are/were under consideration by Blizzard, but have not been confirmed as of yet:[23]

Dustin Browder is open to incorporating heroes from The Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing. He has noted that the former game has a particuarly passionate fan following amongst the Heroes of the Storm team, and that there are "paper designs" for the characters.[15]

Removed Heroes

The following is a list of heroes who were present in the game engine and/or proposed for inclusion, but have not been included/removed for whatever reason:



Minions Heroes Game1
A group of minions
HawkiAdded by Hawki

Minions are the cannon fodder of both sides that fight alongside heroes.[23] The minions of the current build visually correspond to swordsman, archer, and caster rolls.

In every minion wave there will be a ranged creep carrying a banner. When that minion is killed, it will drop a sort of regeneration globe that restores health and mana. The globes effectively keep the usual zoning and denying techniques while sticking with the game’s fast-paced early aggression goals. The players will effectively be able to zone their opponents from their globe while also taking control of their own, giving the players much more lane sustain and lane pressure.[13]


RookTower HotS Game1
A rook tower




Heroes of the Storm - Brightwing Announcement Trailer(00:41)
Blizzard DOTA Trailer(01:25)
The Game Formerly Known as "Blizzard All-Stars"(01:40)
Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer(02:10)
Heroes of the Storm™ Gameplay Sneak Peek(02:01)


DotA Environment 1 - Map(00:24)
DotA Environment 2 - Lane(00:21)
DotA Environment 3 - Jungle Camp & Shop(00:56)
Blizzard DotA Character Design(05:17)
Blizzard Dota Illidan(00:23)
Blizzard DotA - Tower Mechanic(00:24)
Blizzard DotA - Regen Globe(00:18)
Blizzard DotA - Mount Mechanic(00:28)
Blizzard DotA - General Warfield Siege(00:37)
Blizzard DotA - Neutral Camp Mechanic(00:53)
Blizzard DotA - Boss mechanic(01:06)


The red and blue god appear to be derived from two characters on the Sons of the Storm website.[24]


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