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  • CombatMagic

    Hey, I'm CombatMagic,

    First, for both English and Spanish speakers have this meme that I just can't get over even after a week. So even if you are not interested you don't go empty handed.


    English: Just passing by to make a small public announcement/reminder that there is a Spanish StarCraft Wiki, I am translating things over there from StarCraft lore of the units to characters, to gameplay information, with such a magnificent collection of information gathered on English it takes long time to make each article worthy of its English counterpart, but hell, I'll see it through! Now I'm just asking people that speak Spanish, to visit the Wiki, and create an article on a theme you are interested in, even making the foundations of each articl…

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  • Holasoyeltroll2

    i need help to access challenge missions i found that challenge missions are LITERALLY under still playing campaign button, and i cant start them becuaseim gonna click that button and dont go to challenge option pls help

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  • Hawki

    So, there was a poll done by Blizzard as to what aspect of StarCraft II interests players the most, and the results, for me at least, were quite surprising. Said results being:

    • Multiplayer: 43%
    • Campaign: 36%
    • Co-op: 16%
    • Arcade: 5%

    Thing is, if you switched multiplayer and campaign around, that list up above would indeed rank my levels of interest personally, but still, I was surprised that co-op was so low, and that multiplayer was so high, given the skill ceiling. And while this is hardly unique to SC2, I have noticed that there can often be a lot of divide in player habits - some people never touch multiplayer, others play multiplayer and nothing else, some got into SC2 through co-op only (far as I can tell at least), so, yeah. I was expecting…

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  • Hawki

    The third and final blog post on the Nova Covert Ops missions. This is kind of a formality at this point, but hey, may as well finish what I started.

    I'm going to differ a bit in that in the previous posts, I discussed the gameplay and story separately, but in this case, I'm going to discuss both on a mission by mission basis. I'm also going to come out off the bat and say, if you're actually judging a game's story, play the game. Before playing the campaign, I watched a compilation of cutscenes, so I'd have a frame of reference for editing. Having played those missions, my estimation of the final arc went up substantially. Not that every gripe dissapeared, but it certainly ended on a net positive.

    So, with that said, as usual, more a string o…

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  • Hawki

    Ranking the StarCraft Novels

    October 18, 2016 by Hawki

    So, with Evolution coming up (and I'll refrain from discussing that until it's actually released, provided I discuss it at all), thought I'd indulge in another blog post, namely ranking the StarCraft novels. As in, all of them bar the Archive (which is redundant to discuss by its lonesome), and War Stories, as I feel I can't really evaluate it since it's a collection of short stories and the Project Blackstone campaign. So, with that said:

    Update (28/11/16): Added Evolution to the list.

    15: Shadow of the Xel'naga

    Well, you knew this was coming, didn't you? I mean, has anyone ever said anything positive about this work? Even the work that comes after this has had people saying nice things about it, but I've never met anyone who actually enjoyed this …

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  • Pinkachu


    I am a staff member at Wikia and we have been given Alpha keys for Master X Master to give away. MXM is an upcoming MOBA published by NCSoft. I am posting the keys into this blog, so if you use one, please comment below. Also come back and let us know if you played and what you thought of it. We would love to know. Thanks!




    The Alpha runs from August 25 - 31.

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  • Hawki

    Awhile ago I created a blog post based on my thoughts to part 1 of Nova Covert Ops. The post took around an hour to write, and was basically testament to the fact that it's easier to gripe than to praise. Because while I don't have the same time or energy right now to write something as long or detailed, I'll give credit where credit is due, and sum up that NCO pt. 2 is an improvement over the first, in both story and gameplay.

    If NCO improves over its predecessor in one area, it's that it no longer plays like a tutorial. Oh, sure, you're introduced to new units and expected to use them (e.g. Liberators), but not forced in the same way you have to use the jetpack on mission 2, or the energy sword at the end of mission 3. I don't really have …

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  • Hawki

    So, Nova Covert Ops. A game I played later than most, but a game I played awhile ago by this time of writing as well. Truth be told, I've been pondering reflecting on this game for some time. On one hand, my Legacy of the Void reflection had more responses than I thought it would, and I was glad to see that even when people disagreed with me, they could be civil about it. On the other, I feel iffy about reflecting on NCO now, as it's only one third of the way through. However, I've decided to go ahead and do it, for two reasons. The first is that with the declaration that Co-op Missions are non-canon, NCO is now currently the only means of gaining lore/story for the setting, at least until StarCraft: Evolution is published. The second is that …

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  • Hawki

    So, I finally beat Legacy of the Void. Big deal right? Well, when I beat WoL and HotS, I spent a lot of time debating and praising them on forums, and in the process, said everything I had to say on them. This time, I know well enough to stay clear of said forums, but I thought that it would be nice (read: indulgent) to give my 2 cents. Or 5. Or $100 because that's how much the CE cost me roughly.

    So, on that note, I'm going to ramble on gameplay and story. This shouldn't be taken as a review by any means, so, yeah:


    -I'll briefly touch on multiplayer as I haven't played it since the beta. Overall, I'd call LotV a net improvement over HotS, in that the matches are faster, and feels more dynamic. I actually got up to silver, but I let g…

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  • Alockwood1

    Favorite Race Military

    September 12, 2015 by Alockwood1

    Wonderful set of games to play - Now, I only own the Original Starcraft and its expansion, Brood War, but I like playing them. You have our distant cousins, the Terrans, the reptilian-insect-like Zerg, and the enigmatic robotic Protoss, who are all played differently.

    Basically, when you're playing for fun, what race do you like to play as?

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello Starcraft Wiki Contributors!

    If you’ve touched a controller/keyboard in the last 5 years, you’ve got an idea of what eSports is. People playing competitively for big bucks, occasionally in matching track suits. But there’s a lot more to it than that, don’t know the difference between ESL and FGC? Cloud9 and Day[9]? Fret not! Wikia and their panel of pros are here to answer your questions.

    Wikia is hosting a panel at this year’s PAX Prime, entitled What the Heck is eSports with the help of industry pros such as:

    Matt Dahlgren (Capcom), Trevor Housten (Blizzard), Craig Levine (ESL), Alex Mendez aka GoldenboyFTW (Twitch), Jorge Albor (Wikia), and Andrew Zucosky aka LiQuiD112 (Shacknews).

    They’ll be explaining the world of eSports and answer…

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  • Logantp

    Starcraft Custom Campaigns

    August 18, 2015 by Logantp

    There are many SCC's but my favorite is Starcraft II: Odyssey. Go check it out here:

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  • Troll64

    World of Starcraft

    July 19, 2015 by Troll64

    Not done yet

    Korhal is the Capital and seat of power for the Sons of Korhal. It is not however anything like it used to be. Its a ruined ghetto city. Filled with ruined buildings and destroyed materials in the roadways, its filled with rats aswell. But the Terran do their best to try Repair their former home. Mengsk palace was strangely well preserved and now serves as the Head quarters for the new Terran leader -I suck at creating names-.

    This is the second planet Terran players come to, and its here where the players uncover that the Protoss has spies on the planet, watching the Terran and all of their operations. You work for an agent and uncover the protoss network. This causes an outrage, and it builds up to the eventual conflict betwee…

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  • LovingKate

    I attended WCS Season 2 Finals in Toronto, I came upon a stack of portrait codes on the autograph desk after the event.

    I would like to share a few codes.

    Please comment on which one you redeemed. You may redeem these codes for a Free Gosu Trophy Portrait at []

    Codes are as follows:






    Happy redeeming. Mods, if this against the ToS of this Wikia, feel free to take this down and leave me a message.

    I regularly visit a different Wikia as an admin there (Combat Arms Wikia)

    Have a great day.

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  • Hawki

    Awhile ago an individual asked me why I no longer participated on StarCraft Legacy. I explained to that individual the how's and why's. Recently, another individual I talked to marked their discomfort and unease on the forums, how the vitriol and vindictiveness of certain members were preventing him/her from participating. For my own part, I will never, ever return to SCLegacy for the reasons I mentioned in that first message, whereas the second more or less encapsulated why I refuse to engage in discussion on Browse, yes, because it's a good place for links to articles that I may have missed. But participate? No. "Never say never" as the saying goes, and I may end up eating these words, but I'm not counting on it.

    Just today, …

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  • Hawki

    The following is a transcript of a Facebook chat between MarKreationsStudios1 and Glynnis Talken-Campbell. This chat was submitted to Hawki on April 26, 2015. The veracity of this transcript was confirmed via direct Facebook message on May 26, 2015. The transcript will be used for internal reference and posterity.

    The transcript has been preserved in its original form, and reads as follows:

    Mac: Lol XD of corse not! I am a huge fan of StarCraft and loved the original and brood war. Wings of Liberty was pretty great, but there was one thing missing that really bothered me, and kept on going even into HotS. You, the original Kerrigan voice actor, was not voicing Kerrigan. Why is that?

    Glynnis: Good question! They never actually told me. I did r…

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  • Shadow Archon

    This is just the first post for my current work on a StarCraft Galaxy Map.

    I'll post updating blog posts whenever new info comes in, so right now, the map is a bit limited.

    Hopefully, LotV will deliver with the Celestial Array where WoL and HotS failed with their star-maps given what they were suppose to be originally.

    Anyways, here's the map currently: [1]

    All of the info for the current map comes from the manual:

    60,000 light year distance:

    "Eventually, the warp-drive engines of the four supercarriers reached critical meltdown. After twenty-eight years of warp travel, the huge ships emerged into real space near the edge of a habitable star system. Some 60,000 light years from the Earth, their engines destroyed and their life-support batteries ne…

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  • Shadow Archon

    So, in Heart of the Swarm, we get to see Zerus in-game. Zerus itself was only described in the manual beforehand, but it did leave a clear impression of what the Zerg left behind.

    This created a discrepancy between the manual that described Zerus and what we saw in Heart of the Swarm. A lifeless world versus one full with the lives of Primal Zerg.

    So, this is my hypothesis to explain away that discrepancy.

    Let's start with some quotes:

    "Travelling thousands of light years into the burning core of the galaxy, the Xel’Naga eventually settled upon the volatile ash-world of Zerus. The Xel’Naga planned to continue their Grand Experiment of evolution, only this time they dismissed their tenets of physical form and focused chiefly on the pursuit of a…

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