Starcraft 2 Revolution Overdrive OST Blood and Glory02:43

Starcraft 2 Revolution Overdrive OST Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory is an instrumental song featured on "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty."

It is composed by Glenn Stafford, and performed by the StarCraft Terran Band.[1] It is a variation of the in-game song Terran 4.[2]


Blood and Glory was a song composed by the StarCraft Terran Band. It is known for being anti-Arcturus Mengsk and pro-Jim Raynor, and are recorded from inside of New Folsom. The song was smuggled out via a bar of soap, and brought to the public. The song was later banned by the Terran Dominion, but featured on "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty," compiling the greatest anti-Dominion songs.[1]


  • Blood and Glory does not appear in the Hyperion jukebox.
  • The song name is likely a reference to a quote made by the terran viking.


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